09 Aug

New knives on eBay and at Trop Gun Shop!

We’re happy to announce that our knives can now be found at Trop Gun Shop in Elizabethtown, PA! In addition, we started listing some brand new blades and styles on our eBay store!

03 Nov

Some more news..

So, finished up the Tri-County Show, got the bulk of the remaining inventory listed on the store, I’ve got a few blades in mind to work on next and I’m working on setting up shows for November and December! So far I’m looking into the Wind Gap Gun Show on November 28 & 29 and the Harrisburg Gun Show at the Farm Show complex on December 12 & 13. I’ve done a show in Wind Gap before, the Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Show, but haven’t done the Harrisburg show yet so it may be interesting.  I’ve got a few weeks – finally, it’s nice to be able to slow down a bit and take my time with a few pieces!

My first class of the fall is this Sunday and then I’ve got full weekend classes for the following two weeks. December may have a spot or two open early in the month and January and February have already begun booking! I’m working on a new gift certificate for classes that will allow you to put it under the tree for Christmas for someone else without having to know their schedule ahead of time, so stay tuned, those will be available in just a matter of days!

I’d also like to work on another video or two, so if anyone has a suggestion on what they’d like to see a new tutorial on, drop me a line in the comments!

02 Nov

Tri-County wrap up!

Thanks again to everyone we got a chance to talk with at the Tri-County York Gun and Knife Show this past weekend, Asher and I enjoyed it! Today I spent the morning photographing our remaining stock and will begin posting it here this afternoon, so if there’s something you were dragging your feet over this weekend, check back tonight and pick it up before someone else does!

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31 Aug

Some changes around here

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Some of you may have been curious as to what’s going on and, frankly, there’s a lot happening. First and foremost, I am no longer associated with LaForge Weapons in any way. This means I will no longer be demonstrating bladesmithing at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in the near future. It also means that they will not be carrying any of my blades. I have completed my move of all my large equipment from the old shop and have consolidated everything into the new one.

Secondly, I’m happy to announce that the Pyrates Treasure will be carrying my current and future inventory. That’s right, the new shop is up and operational and I’m still working on new and exciting pieces!

Knife making classes will still be happening as planned and they’ve begun booking up so save your spot soon! I’m really looking forward to classes in the new shop!

As some of you know, swordsmith Jeremy Eichelberger has joined me in this new adventure and we’ve already begun work on new projects and some future venues, so stay tuned we’ll be showing some of them off shortly.

Lastly, as we go through this transition, I figured it befitting a change of name. It’s no longer just me in the shop and, while I’ll still be using the name JWS Blades – very shortly we’ll make the change to our new name for our new venture. While a little premature until the branding is finished, let me be the first to say, welcome to the new Underhill Forge!