30 Jun

Celtic Fling update and what’s next!

Day 2 of Celtic Fling was a lot nicer in the weather department, no rain, perfect temperatures.. still, I think day 1’s rain really deterred a lot of visitors. I wont lie, it wasn’t the best Celtic Fling I’ve done, probably close to the worst financially, but this is the business. When you start working outdoor events, you need to plan that every day can be rained out. It’s not the fault of the organizers, it’s not the weatherman’s fault, there’s no one to blame – it’s just nature! That aside, I still got the opportunity to talk with some great people on both days, made some new friends and some I really hope to see as students this coming fall. That reminds me, if you’re interested in taking classes, the new fall/winter schedule has been arranged and so far, only a few students have booked and every class still has openings! Once the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire begins in August, I expect classes to start filling up fast, last year my class schedule was booked in 3 weeks, just to give you an idea, so now’s the time to grab the dates you want! Anyway, it was great being out at Mount Hope for the Celtic Fling, weather aside, I had a great time as always. Coming up, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, King Richard’s Faire and the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival!

20 Jun

Blacksmiths Knives

These were the simple designed knives that really made me first become interested in my craft. Yeah, there’s no woodwork, it looks easy to make, but let me tell you, getting it “just right” takes a lot more skill and effort than most people think. Anyway, these particular pieces are on their way to Warren for the Paranormal Faire taking place June 27 & 28.

Blacksmith Knives

05 Jun

Last Weekend of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire!

Come on out, say hello! It’s the last weekend of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and it looks like it’s going to be beautiful! I’m finishing up a few knives before I hit the road, just wanted to share them! Thanks again to everyone that’s stopped by, I’ve enjoyed talking with you all! My next show will be the Celtic Fling at Mount Hope in Manheim, PA June 27 & 28.

DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00064 DSC00065

17 May

New Jersey Renaissance Faire 2015!

This coming weekend, May 23&24, plus the two weekends following, I’ll be demonstrating and selling at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire! Stop on out, see me, pick up that knife you’ve always wanted, I’ve got 28 new unrevealed pieces just for this show, there’s bound to be one that suits your fancy.. Or just hang around, eat a turkey leg and say hello! Look forward to seeing you!

25 Apr

Goodnight Hagerstown!

Wrapped up at the Mason-Dixon Knife Show. Met some nice people from iforgeiron.com, got to talk with +Wayne Masnick from g+ for a bit and of course some other knife makers like Rudy Dean of Harrisonburg, Virginia – just to name the first who comes to mind. One of Bill Moran’s unfinished knives was cool to get to hold in hand and examine. Bill is a legend in American bladesmithing and while I’ve held a few of his knives over the years, as a bladesmith being able to really take a close look at a piece Bill didnt get to complete was enlightening because I could see some of the same imperfections I’ve seen in my own unfinished blades and it just makes me smile to know that while our styles are different our path of creation is so similar. Only disappointment was that Herb Derr wasnt able to make it today and I really wanted to talk with him, its been far too many years. I digress. Anyway, it was great meeting everyone today and I hope to speak with you all again! I’m going to work on updating my inventory tonight and tomorrow night and with any luck everything should be online by Monday.