23 Nov

Knife class 11/21

This weekend I had three guys in the class, Dave and Mike from New Jersey, and Chris from Philadelphia. What a fun group! Everyone did well, we all got along great, had lots of laughs and even an end of the day beer or two. Next class is December 5 and there might be an opening if you’d like to attend!

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02 Jul

You know I make props, too?

Yeah, it’s not always about the sharp cutting implements of doom, I also make theatrical props. It’s actually how I got interested in bladesmithing; I was grinding away on stage combat weapons in the workshop one day about 2 decades ago and said “I want to learn how they really made this stuff” and it all went downhill from there! Getting back on track, yesterday I put the finishing touches on these two 32″ broadswords.

broadsword DSC00220