15 Sep

A call to action!

Only two months to go until classes begin, so let’s do a little promotion to get the ball rolling on something new! From today until October 31, you can register online using promo code JWS1015 to receive 10% off each registration! We’re using the money from these early registrations to fund new equipment the shop needs in order to launch an entirely new program in early 2016 that will focus on getting wounded and disabled veterans into the forge for classes. The equipment we need doesn’t exist commercially, so we’ve had to design new mechanical hammers, grinding stations and even quench tanks in order to make them as safe to use and as accessible as possible to everyone – all from the ground up. This is such an awesome opportunity for our shop and we want you to join us in the adventure! Not only will you get to participate in a great class, but you’ll be helping our servicemen have the same chance! Please share this and help us make this new program a success!