05 Nov

San Mai Upswept Hunter in progress

This is one of this weeks knife projects. 1084 & 15N20 san mai upswept hunter. Here’s some pictures of the blade through different stages of development. This is not a commission, just a blade I felt like making, when finished this blade will be available here in the store unless someone lays a claim to it before I finish it. 🙂 UPDATED 11/16 with a new post. Update 11/24/15, the finished blade is up and ready for sale.


This is the beginning of the billet, tacked and ready to weld under the press.


After my forging, this is the blade once it’s been profiled and rough ground.


After heat treating, the blade is taken to a higher polish.


A close up of the blade prior to acid etching.


Several baths in acid with 1200 grit sanding in between.


The bright portion of the blade is the nickel steel alloy, while the dark steel is 1084.


A close up of the final etched blade. Tomorrow I’ll work on the handle and ferrul.

19 Oct

New shop tour photo gallery

Classes are quickly approaching, with a lot of dates already filling up for the season. I added a new shop tour page to the website to show current students and prospective students the area and some of the tools and equipment they’ll be working with. Enjoy!

01 Jul

Adding back to inventory..

Well, the first mini-show season has wrapped up and I’ve been busy cleaning up knives and taking pictures. I hope to have my currently available inventory back online in the next day or two. Jim, who did the Paramoral Faire in Warren is going to hold on to his inventory and do some online sales at other venues, I’ll post an update once he gets the ball rolling on his end. As for what I’ve got on hand, pieces include 4 new cable damascus knives, some neck knives I’ve already posted, some larger bush knives, a seax or two and a great hand axe. Class is going to occupy my time over the next 2 days, then it’s off for the Holiday and then back to work! Jeremy Eichelberger will be joining me in the shop later this month to work on some high end collaborations we’ve been planning for a while. Next week will probably be the last week for custom orders, and then full steam ahead getting new blades made for the Renaissance Faire season!

13 Apr

Two New Knives for EPKCA 2015

Here’s two of the knives I’m working on for this weekends show. I’ll finish polishing tomorrow and work on the handles. It’s looking like I’ll have at least 6 fixed blade knives finished for the show plus a handful of new cable damascus knives. More updates tomorrow, the rest of my time belongs to Alainn tonight. 🙂


06 Apr

Back in the swing of things

Sara’s family is all gone, back in the cold winterlands of Canada, and today I was finally getting back into the swing of things. Hammered out two cable knives and they’re in the heat treat oven right now, hopefully I’ll get them polished and etched by tonight so I can get them on the site. I’m in desperate need of cable knives at the moment, every cable piece I have is on eBay and I hesitate to pull them down early – it’s an established market and transitioning to my own site is a little scary. I want to, don’t get me wrong, but I also want to keep those knives visible to the potential customers who dont know I’m moving everything in house. I wish I could put a “I’ve moved” sign up on ebay but I think they frown on that. *sigh* Want to really get to know the business side of blacksmithing? Try doing something against the tried and true!