27 Nov

Cole’s Carver

A few months back, some of you might recall, a close friend of mine lost his life in an accident. He and his wife had a business, Merlin’s Magic, making walking sticks from twisted branches that he would scrape and carve to give a beautiful appearance – not elaborate carvings, but just enough to give them beautiful character. Anyway, a mutual friend of ours stepped up to keep carving the sticks as Ed used to do. Needless to say, Ed was a larger guy and his knife just felt awkward in her hands. Cole approached me for a new knife, specifically for her. Her desires were a simple knife, a tip she could dig into the wood a bit without fear of snapping it, a keen edge that will stay sharp after hours of scraping bark and a finish that wouldn’t get scratched up in the process. Here’s what I came up with. Handle is ebony, hand made mosaic pins, blade steel is 1084. 4″ blade and 8.25″ overall length. Sheath is antique mahogany veg tanned leather with a belt frog for reversible wear. Here’s a few of the shots during the forging and making of this blade.

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16 Sep

It’s never easy..

A few months back, I showed off some great pieces of wood given to me by my friend Ed DeHart of Merlin’s Magic. It’s with sadness in my heart that I say that Ed has passed on from this world and onto the next. My thoughts are with his family at this moment as they deal with this tragedy. Ed, you will be missed greatly, you were a true friend who never gave a damn about what you said and meant everything with honesty and sincerity. Keep it groovy, brother!


05 May

An interesting gift from a friend

My friend Ed makes some of the gnarliest twisted walking sticks. Actually I guess technicallyv nature makes the walking sticks, Ed just has an awesome eye for finding the most interesting ones and has a keen sense on how to dress them up. He has a shop at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire called Merlin’s Magic and next time you pop by to say hi to me please pay a visit to his shop, its right up the lane from me. Anyway, Ed told me to look through his pile of discards and feel free to take what I want. Well, I think these are going to make some fun knife handles and I think you’ll agree. 🙂