02 Nov

Tri-County wrap up!

Thanks again to everyone we got a chance to talk with at the Tri-County York Gun and Knife Show this past weekend, Asher and I enjoyed it! Today I spent the morning photographing our remaining stock and will begin posting it here this afternoon, so if there’s something you were dragging your feet over this weekend, check back tonight and pick it up before someone else does!

20151102_120325 20151102_120357 20151102_120407

20 Apr

Mason-Dixon Knife Show 4/25

I just got confirmation that I will have a table at the Mason-Dixon Knife show on Saturday the 25th! The show is at the Best Western Grand Venice Hotel in Hagerstown, Md. 8 am to 4 pm.

16 Apr

Today’s Work in Progress

Got everything heat treated. 4 fixed blades and 8 cable Damascus knives. Sanded, polished and all ready for an acid bath. Tonight I’ve got 6 blades to make handles for so it looks like a lot of woodworking in my future. So far so good. Tomorrow I have another half dozen cable knives to finish up and that should help fill out the table. I’ll be taking the store offline tomorrow morning and it’ll be offline until Monday as all my stock is coming with me to EPKCA 2015.
IMG_20150416_111016 IMG_20150416_123321

13 Apr

EPKCA Show 2015 April 18 & 19

It’s a little last minute, but I just confirmed that I will have a table at the annual Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Association 2015 Show in Wind Gap, PA this coming weekend! This is actually my first foray into the knife show scene. Fingers crossed. It’s a different market than Renaissance faires, but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained, right? I’ll be working overtime in the shop to finish up some new pieces just for this upcoming weekend. I’m excited and a bit nervous. I know there’s going to be some cheap Pakistani & Chinese knives on tables, antiques, and possibly some other makers – no idea yet as to who or if any of them are bladesmiths like myself or stock removal guys. I need to find some display cases!