02 Nov

Tri-County wrap up!

Thanks again to everyone we got a chance to talk with at the Tri-County York Gun and Knife Show this past weekend, Asher and I enjoyed it! Today I spent the morning photographing our remaining stock and will begin posting it here this afternoon, so if there’s something you were dragging your feet over this weekend, check back tonight and pick it up before someone else does!

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19 Sep

Viking Seax, Sheath and Companion Knife

Here’s the latest blade to come out of the shop this week. It’s also a piece that Jeremy and I had been wanting to make for almost an entire year. The blade is san mai forged from 1084 & 15N20. Fittings are all mild steel. Handle is lace wood, copper, leather and ebony.  I forged a companion knife out of the same steels designed to be kept in a small pocket in the sheath. Blade is 15″ & overall is 22″. Construction is all traditional, using a peened nut to make a compression fitting for the assembly. Here’s some pictures of the process and finished piece. The sheath is veg tanned leather with forged s-chain. This particular piece is available at Pyrates Treasure at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Price for a similar set is $900.

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29 Jul

New classroom, new shop!

I just left a meeting and wanted to share that all future knife making classes will be held at a new location in Manheim, PA. This new 1470sq ft facility will add much needed space over my existing shop, allow me to bring all of my equipment into a single location and students will get to learn on some bigger professional tools. Over the next few months this space will be transformed into a functioning blacksmith shop for myself and swordsmith Jeremy Eichelberger. Jeremy and I have worked on the idea of collaborating on projects a lot over the past year and this new space will make that happen. We’re also putting our schedule together to attend a few fall/winter knife shows; exciting times, stay tuned! Here’s a peak of the new shop and I’m sure I’ll be sharing more with you all as it comes together!

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25 Apr

Goodnight Hagerstown!

Wrapped up at the Mason-Dixon Knife Show. Met some nice people from iforgeiron.com, got to talk with +Wayne Masnick from g+ for a bit and of course some other knife makers like Rudy Dean of Harrisonburg, Virginia – just to name the first who comes to mind. One of Bill Moran’s unfinished knives was cool to get to hold in hand and examine. Bill is a legend in American bladesmithing and while I’ve held a few of his knives over the years, as a bladesmith being able to really take a close look at a piece Bill didnt get to complete was enlightening because I could see some of the same imperfections I’ve seen in my own unfinished blades and it just makes me smile to know that while our styles are different our path of creation is so similar. Only disappointment was that Herb Derr wasnt able to make it today and I really wanted to talk with him, its been far too many years. I digress. Anyway, it was great meeting everyone today and I hope to speak with you all again! I’m going to work on updating my inventory tonight and tomorrow night and with any luck everything should be online by Monday.