12 Jul

Making a San Mai Kukri – Part 3

Today I’m posting a follow up to Part 1 and Part 2 of my san mai kukri commission. I was teaching a knife making class this weekend with two teenagers, one of which was my son, so I didn’t have all the time in the world to work on it but there were a few moments when I got to demonstrate a few things and I took advantage of them. Struck while the iron was hot, as we say. Anyway, I got the heat treatments done, polish and the first etching. Also, not pictured, I got the handle roughed out and ready for attachment. I’m going to be casting some pewter for the bolsters and for the cap – hopefully tomorrow. Here’s the new pictures, enjoy!


Hand polishing. I like to use a push stick to make the job a little easier.


This is the blade prior to the first etch in ferric chloride. I cleaned and degreased before putting it into the acid.


After a few light sandings with 400 grit during the etching process.


A close up of the broad section of the kukri. The 15N20 is the bright, silvery layer and the 1084 is the darker layer. Later, after the handle work, I’ll put the final edge on it and give it another round in the ferric chloride.


A shot of the reverse side. I still love the randomness I get when making san mai, and after all, I do it purely for artistic reasons.

04 Jul

Knifeclass, Day 2

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Sam and I had our last day of class yesterday. It was primarily a heat treating and wood working sort of day. We started out with  pulling his forged blade from the vermiculite, drilled holes, cleaned, normalized, hardened and tempered. I know, sounds quick.. that whole thing took about 6.5hrs of our day, but during that time Sam did a nice set of redwood handles for his first knife from the day before. Once the tempering cycles had finished, we fitted some birdseye maple to the second blade. I think Sam did a great job on his first two knives he ever made and it was fun having him in class! I updated the gallery from yesterday with some new shots, here’s a look:

DSC00324 DSC00323 DSC00317









22 Apr

A project of a different nature.

Today I finished up a set of throwers bound for the deepest darkest Peru. I’ve a friend who’s currently working for La Tarumba Gala who needed a set for a new show he’ll be performing later this year. Here’s a quick look at these new theatrical props.


17 Apr

A before shot..

This is all the new blades for this weekend with the scales and liners cut. Next I epoxied the liner to the scales and clamped them to set up before affixing a scale to each handle, letting it cure, drill my pin holes and then repeating with the remaining scale.