07 Aug

Forge chimney

First day of construction. Today I ran 8″ pipe out through the wall and outside. Right now I only have 10′ of chimney running up the outside of the building but I’m going to add another 5′ yet to get it above the roof of the workshop above me. Eventually this will connect to a yet undersigned hood for above a new coal forge. Finally work on the new workshop has begun! Classes begin in November, it’s time to get cracking!

20150807_101017 20150807_101931

05 Apr


I would like to point out that another, albeit lesser reason, for me hosting my own sales is because I want to be able to accept Bitcoin for my blades. I’ve been a vocal supporter over the years of cryptocurrencies, doing voice overs for related videos, being involved in the development and at one point in time even hosting a weekly podcast. My focus may have changed a little with time and the changes it brings, but I still believe in crypto. eBay may be years out from being willing to accept BTC and I’m just not going to wait any longer. Who knows, I might be one of the first blacksmiths to combine old world craftsmanship with new world money! Don’t worry, those of you who aren’t yet holding any BTC are still able to pay via PayPal and credit cards! 🙂