02 Dec

Japanese inspired block anvil

Here’s a new addition to the shop. I took a 5″x5.25″x11″ block of A2, weighing in at 85lbs, some 4×4’s and metal straps and fabricated a new block anvil. I crew some inspiration from Japanese style anvil – the simple truth is that there’s elegance and function in simplicity. You don’t need a horn or a heel to make a good knife.. And as a bonus, there’s over 25sq inches of sweet spot!

20151201_145316 20151201_165712 20151201_170331 20151202_080908 20151202_101755

15 May

Making Ferric Chloride for Etching Damascus and San Mai

This is the process I use to make my own ferric chloride for etching San Mai and Damascus knife blades. The ratio is fairly simple, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to one part ferrous chloride. The first step in this video demonstrates how to make ferrous chloride, the second step changes it rapidly to our desired ferric chloride.