30 Jun

Celtic Fling update and what’s next!

Day 2 of Celtic Fling was a lot nicer in the weather department, no rain, perfect temperatures.. still, I think day 1’s rain really deterred a lot of visitors. I wont lie, it wasn’t the best Celtic Fling I’ve done, probably close to the worst financially, but this is the business. When you start working outdoor events, you need to plan that every day can be rained out. It’s not the fault of the organizers, it’s not the weatherman’s fault, there’s no one to blame – it’s just nature! That aside, I still got the opportunity to talk with some great people on both days, made some new friends and some I really hope to see as students this coming fall. That reminds me, if you’re interested in taking classes, the new fall/winter schedule has been arranged and so far, only a few students have booked and every class still has openings! Once the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire begins in August, I expect classes to start filling up fast, last year my class schedule was booked in 3 weeks, just to give you an idea, so now’s the time to grab the dates you want! Anyway, it was great being out at Mount Hope for the Celtic Fling, weather aside, I had a great time as always. Coming up, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, King Richard’s Faire and the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival!

27 Jun

Celtic Fling, Day 1

It was raining, it was pouring, but I wasn’t exactly snoring. Yeah, it was a little wet today, but I did get to finish up some pieces I’ve been working
on and I got to forge 6 feet of chain! Not exactly sure what I’ll use it for but I’m sure there’s an up coming project that it’ll fit in nicely with. I also got to design a sheath for my latest neck knives. Anyhow, it was good to get to talk with everyone I did, you’re all troopers in my book. Tomorrow is going to be darn near perfect!



15 Jun

A New Anvil Stand

This past Sunday I ran up the road to a friend and fellow PABA members shop to pick up an anvil stand that he was getting rid of. Randy McDaniel is the author of A Blacksmithing Primer and his latest book Hydraulic Forging Press for the Blacksmith. Randy is currently in the process of moving to West Virginia and understandably didn’t want to haul too much dead weight around with him. Today I levelled off the top with some concrete, hopefully by this afternoon I’ll get to give it a spin. The entire pillar was made from concrete cast into a t1-11 mold and weighs in just shy of 415 lbs. It’s almost 32″ tall, and about 12.5″ of that is buried in the ground of my shop. Otherwise, just doing some needed improvements around my demonstration area at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, almost done with the wood and trim, with luck by the weekend I’ll get to build that new hood for over top my forges that I’ve been talking about for the past 4 years. 🙂 Thanks again Randy for this great piece, I look forward to giving it many more years of use!

concrete anvil stand 1 concrete anvil stand 2 concrete anvil stand 3

05 Jun

Last Weekend of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire!

Come on out, say hello! It’s the last weekend of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and it looks like it’s going to be beautiful! I’m finishing up a few knives before I hit the road, just wanted to share them! Thanks again to everyone that’s stopped by, I’ve enjoyed talking with you all! My next show will be the Celtic Fling at Mount Hope in Manheim, PA June 27 & 28.

DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00064 DSC00065

26 May

A good weekend, thank you New Jersey!

It was a good weekend at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, I got to meet and talk with some very nice people. It’s always amazes me how talking with people about what I do is almost just as rewarding as selling a blade to them. Perhaps I should seek professional help. lol Anyway, thanks again to everyone that came out this weekend to say hello, I truly appreciate it. We’ve got two more weekends left, I’ll have blades to sell and of course, I’ll be demonstrating over the anvil all day long! For those that missed it, here’s some pictures from the weekend. Hope to see you all again soon!

20150524_091105 20150524_091113 20150524_091129 20150524_110328 IMG_20150524_085525 IMG_20150524_091418