02 Nov

New knives now listed!

I just finished updating our online catalog. Today’s update includes 15 new knives in total, 5 new cable knives, 2 blacksmith knives and the rest are all knife and sheath sets! I’ll be adding some more knives as I finish them, so be sure to subscribe and get updates right in your email box!

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03 Jun

Working on New Knives

I don’t do too many stag handles each year and I’ve not been making Damascus much either, but here’s a new piece I’m finishing up for the last weekend of NJRF. Stag Sgain Dubh with Pewter Bolster and 96 layer Damascus Blade. Enjoy!


15 May

Making Ferric Chloride for Etching Damascus and San Mai

This is the process I use to make my own ferric chloride for etching San Mai and Damascus knife blades. The ratio is fairly simple, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to one part ferrous chloride. The first step in this video demonstrates how to make ferrous chloride, the second step changes it rapidly to our desired ferric chloride.

26 Apr

Some pictures from today

John came in from New Jersey today to do a little hammering and learn about forge welding. We both made two cable damascus knives – here’s a few pictures of the day.

Cable knives

Making a cable knife