26 May

A good weekend, thank you New Jersey!

It was a good weekend at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, I got to meet and talk with some very nice people. It’s always amazes me how talking with people about what I do is almost just as rewarding as selling a blade to them. Perhaps I should seek professional help. lol Anyway, thanks again to everyone that came out this weekend to say hello, I truly appreciate it. We’ve got two more weekends left, I’ll have blades to sell and of course, I’ll be demonstrating over the anvil all day long! For those that missed it, here’s some pictures from the weekend. Hope to see you all again soon!

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20 Apr

Weekend Wrap-up, Updates and More

I had a lot of fun this past weekend at the Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Association 2015 show. Aside from meeting some great customers I got to chew the fat, swap stories and tricks with knife makers Greg Dash, Jim Siska, Adam Fink and Bill Odor. Made a few dealer contacts as well and perhaps I’ll get some exposure through shows I cant attend through them. This weekend was really about networking more than it was about filling my wallet and I have to say that each knife maker, dealer and customer I had the opportunity to talk with brought something new to my table. Thanks again to everyone, truly loved the show!

This was the first actual knife show I’ve shown my work at and being awarded Best in Show was a true surprise and honour. It’s awesome to be recognized by your peers and customers alike for what you do.

I’ll be updating the website this evening with new products but in the meantime I’ve returned the store online. There is a small chance I may put a table at the Mason-Dixon Show this coming weekend for a day, need to make some phone calls and I’ll update the site with news when I know!

13 Apr

EPKCA Show 2015 April 18 & 19

It’s a little last minute, but I just confirmed that I will have a table at the annual Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Association 2015 Show in Wind Gap, PA this coming weekend! This is actually my first foray into the knife show scene. Fingers crossed. It’s a different market than Renaissance faires, but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained, right? I’ll be working overtime in the shop to finish up some new pieces just for this upcoming weekend. I’m excited and a bit nervous. I know there’s going to be some cheap Pakistani & Chinese knives on tables, antiques, and possibly some other makers – no idea yet as to who or if any of them are bladesmiths like myself or stock removal guys. I need to find some display cases!