01 Nov

New Class Dates

Our class date calendar has expanded! We now have our Two Day Knife Class listed through June of 2018 and our Blacksmith One Day Knife Class until July 2018! From here on out I will be trying to keep the schedule listed 6 months in advance to allow for advance scheduling.

09 Aug

New knives on eBay and at Trop Gun Shop!

We’re happy to announce that our knives can now be found at Trop Gun Shop in Elizabethtown, PA! In addition, we started listing some brand new blades and styles on our eBay store!

09 Mar

We’ve been busy!

Wow, we’ve been quite busy here at the forge! Exciting things to share, for sure! Firstly, we’re happy to announce that Pete Johnson will be teaching a new class here in the shop, Tong Making 101. During class, students will make 2 pair’s of tongs for themselves and learn the skills plus gain the confidence to make many more on their own. In addition, our knife making class dates will be updated shortly and we’re working on a few new classes to add to the roster.
Over the past two weeks we’ve been designing and building a new power hammer and are really excited to share it with everyone after we run it through it’s paces a few more times, but we’ve been shooting video along the way. Stay tuned!

21 Jan

So what’s going on?

So what’s going on with Underhill Forge? A lot! In the beginning of 2016 I welcomed Pete Johnson aka Crazy Ivan into the shop and the ball started rolling. We’ve been building stuff, breaking stuff, fixing stuff and shopping for new stuff – and that’s all an understatement! We moved the last of my equipment into the new shop earlier this week, reassembled the old power hammer, built a new coal forge, drank a few beers, swung a hammer or two and actually were more than a little productive. So what lies ahead? Well, for one, Pete’s going to be adding a line of blacksmithing hammers, tools and other blacksmith supplies to our product card; we’ve got new videos planned, we’re adding two new classes later on this year, Blacksmithing Basics and Tool Making, and of course plenty of knives and knife making classes as well. It’s definitely an exciting time here around the shop and we can’t wait to share it with you! Subscribe if you haven’t yet and be sure to check back soon!


05 Jan

Happy New Years 2016