26 Jan

New online social guild for blacksmiths!

On 01/26/2018 we just launched a brand new social website, The Blacksmith Company, which is an online social guild designed for blacksmiths! The aim is to bring a modern face to our community and we invite smiths of all skill levels to join us and help the community grow! http://blacksmithcompany.org

02 Dec

Japanese inspired block anvil

Here’s a new addition to the shop. I took a 5″x5.25″x11″ block of A2, weighing in at 85lbs, some 4×4’s and metal straps and fabricated a new block anvil. I crew some inspiration from Japanese style anvil – the simple truth is that there’s elegance and function in simplicity. You don’t need a horn or a heel to make a good knife.. And as a bonus, there’s over 25sq inches of sweet spot!

20151201_145316 20151201_165712 20151201_170331 20151202_080908 20151202_101755

15 Jun

A New Anvil Stand

This past Sunday I ran up the road to a friend and fellow PABA members shop to pick up an anvil stand that he was getting rid of. Randy McDaniel is the author of A Blacksmithing Primer and his latest book Hydraulic Forging Press for the Blacksmith. Randy is currently in the process of moving to West Virginia and understandably didn’t want to haul too much dead weight around with him. Today I levelled off the top with some concrete, hopefully by this afternoon I’ll get to give it a spin. The entire pillar was made from concrete cast into a t1-11 mold and weighs in just shy of 415 lbs. It’s almost 32″ tall, and about 12.5″ of that is buried in the ground of my shop. Otherwise, just doing some needed improvements around my demonstration area at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, almost done with the wood and trim, with luck by the weekend I’ll get to build that new hood for over top my forges that I’ve been talking about for the past 4 years. 🙂 Thanks again Randy for this great piece, I look forward to giving it many more years of use!

concrete anvil stand 1 concrete anvil stand 2 concrete anvil stand 3