Welcome to jwsblades.com, the online site for bladesmith JW Stekervetz and Underhill Forge, Central Pennsylvania’s most recommended blacksmith shop for bladesmithing classes and hand forged knives! Thanks for dropping by.  We get many inquiries about classes and while we love to answer questions individually through email we get more than our fair share, keep in mind that we’re often swinging hammers instead of sitting in front of the computer. With that in mind we’ve made sure our class syllabus, additional details, dates and prices are all easily found with just a click or two! Currently we are booking dates through July 2018, however we run classes all year round, several weekends a month! We also offer gift certificates, for more information drop us a line on our Contact page. Thanks again for stopping by, be sure to check out our  Available Knives page, we add new blades weekly. We also try to update our Classes and Calendar pages once a month! -Last updated 01/26/2018

On 01/26/2018 we launched a brand new social website, The Blacksmith Company, which is an online social guild designed for blacksmiths! The aim is to bring a modern face to our community and we invite smiths of all skill levels to join us and help the community grow! http://blacksmithcompany.org

You can find out what we’re doing on a daily basis on just follow the link below; yeah, it’s Facebook, but where else would you expect?! Oh look, we have an Instagram as well! 🙂