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Currently, J is teaching two different classes for the next year, limited to just 3 students each and all students will make 2 knives during each class. We’re also pleased to announce that this years classes will be held at our new 3000 sq ft shop in Manheim, PA! We have students come from all around the country including NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas and just about everywhere in between! Take a quick tour here and see some of the tools and equipment you’ll be working with!

Basic Knifemaking Weekend Class

The first is a 2-day knife making class that will consist of both stock removal and hand forging of blades, plus heat treating, wood work, polishing and finishing. We do our best to give the most comprehensive class we can, examining the science behind the processes involved, the methods and techniques and encourage students to ask as many questions they might have in class. We keep classes to 3, to better give a one on one instruction which we feel makes for a better class experience overall. Classes are year round. $415 (monthly payments are available to spread out the cost, except for gift certificates which must be paid in full at time of purchase)

For scheduling information, please visit:

1 Day Blacksmith Knife and Leather

This is a 1 day class, with classes available Sunday. Students will forge a single blade during this class, one blacksmith or Viking style knife and then make a leather sheath for it. Students will learn to forge two complete blades using two different methods and learn basic heat treating proceduces and blade forming techniques including grinding and filing. While there is no set age requirements, we recommend the classes for ages 16 and over (email us regarding younger students, we just want to make sure it’s worth our time and your money) and is limited to 3 students per class and scheduling is done on a first come, first serve basis. All materials, including steel, abrassives and fuels needed to complete knives will be provided along with needed safety gear. We will be using a combination of coal and gas forges during classes. Belt grinders, air tools, abrasive saws and other power equipment may also be used by students. Class cost is $215.

For scheduling information please visit:

How did this all start?

10389138_387250098098810_5362991450936023015_nOver the past few years at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fauire, I’ve been asked time and time again if I would be doing any bladesmithing classes, and for many years I put it off due to scheduling issues and personal excuses. Last year I finally began exploring options for teaching and looked around at other offerings, of which there are few. There’s a popular facility in Layton, NJ that is running similar classes for $650+ and while I think they do a great job and have heard some good things about their courses, I wanted to be able to offer the same kind of experience at a much more affordable price. I did a lot of research and more than a few test classes with friends to develop what I believe to be one of the most concise, educational and fun knifemaking classes you’re going to find! I’ve included the cost of everything in the price, no extra material fees etc.

Here’s photo’s of one of my recent solo classes on July 2 & 3, 2015:

6 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Hello,

    I will be a visiting professor in Princeton next academic year (arriving september).
    I already made knives long time ago.

    Would like to do it again and participate to classes.
    Are you far away from Princeton NJ?

    • I’ll try to remember to take some pictures Allen.. I’ve got the PA Ren Faire this weekend and wont make it back to the old shop until Monday or Tuesday. An alternative would be to google “McDonald rolling mill” which is built very similar to mine.

  2. is there anywhere to stay for the 2 day classes that is not to far away.My son and myself make knives and swords however i cannot forge wield to save my life and need a teacher.

    • Lancaster Inn and Suites is the closest to my shop, but a quick Google search for “Manheim pa hotels motels” should give you a decent list of places that are less than 15 minutes from my shop.

  3. Just took the 2 day knife making class. The class was great, J is an excellent teacher. I learned so much over such a small period of time and had a blast. Working with J and being able to pick is brain is also very insightful and fun! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in knife making or forging. Thanks again J!!

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