This page is various links for various groups or companies I’m connected to and different suppliers I use and general friends in the industry. Some might wonder why I’m sharing these wonderful resources, and the answer is simple: I love my craft and I love what others who start down this road bring to the table. 🙂

Trop Gun Shop – Our local retailer here in Pennsylvania! Check them out for all your outdoor needs!

Jantz Supply – Admittedly I only buy one product from these guys but I think they’re about the only place that has it. 🙂

New Jersey Steel Baron – Located near New York City, this is who I get 98% of my steel from. Aldo Bruno is the man. Great service, impeccable quality, fast shipping and a lot of knowledge of the steels he carries. – The worlds largest blacksmithing forum, incidentally, also one of the greatest resources for those wanting to know more about the craft.

Perth Pewter – Pete Stachowiak is a friend and a long time pewter caster in Orange County, NY.

Pennsylvania Artists Blacksmith Association – My local ABANA chapter. Great group of guys, awesome amounts of knowledge and a little bit of old timer smart-assed comments thrown in for good measure.

Artisans of the Anvil – A friend of mine, Andrew Molinaro who does wonderful architectural blacksmithing. His work is top notch, but he’s also one of the best contributors of keeping the traditions of blacksmithing alive.

Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Association – Aside from having done their show, and being surprised as I was awarded Best in Show for 2015, I’m not affiliated with them, but everyone I’ve met so far has been great and they know their stuff. They have monthly meetings geared towards the knife collector community and if you’re in the Eastern area of Pennsylvania or the surrounding area, check them out!

Bill Darr, Whipperwil Archery – If you’re looking for a hand made bow, Bill and his son have been making them for decades and you won’t find any better. At the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Bill would demonstrate and wow audiences with his hard to match archery skills. They haven’t been there for a few years, but he’s really missed. You can see a list of the shows they’ll be attending on their website. They also run weekend workshops on making your own bow.

Herb Derr – Not just a great knife maker, but one hell of a guy. If you’ve ever seen my rolling mill in action, Herb’s the guy that, without knowing me from Adam, sent me a set of rollers and quite frankly, I owe him a lot because that little machine I built is has been really handy. I don’t believe he has a personal website anymore, and it’s not that I want you to buy from anyone else, but he does some great work and you can find it on sites like AZ Custom Knives.

Ric Furrer – You might have seen him on the Nova special about the Viking Sword “Ulfberht”. Ric is a friend I’ve made in the past year who is inspirational not only in his execution of the metal arts but also his detail into the underlying science. I’m glad that I know when I have something perplexing me metallurgically, Ric is just a quick phone call away and always willing to offer his 2 cents.