31 Jan

New cable knives!

Added some new cable Damascus knives to our eBay page! http://www.ebay.com/usr/jws_blades


21 Jan

So what’s going on?

So what’s going on with Underhill Forge? A lot! In the beginning of 2016 I welcomed Pete Johnson aka Crazy Ivan into the shop and the ball started rolling. We’ve been building stuff, breaking stuff, fixing stuff and shopping for new stuff – and that’s all an understatement! We moved the last of my equipment into the new shop earlier this week, reassembled the old power hammer, built a new coal forge, drank a few beers, swung a hammer or two and actually were more than a little productive. So what lies ahead? Well, for one, Pete’s going to be adding a line of blacksmithing hammers, tools and other blacksmith supplies to our product card; we’ve got new videos planned, we’re adding two new classes later on this year, Blacksmithing Basics and Tool Making, and of course plenty of knives and knife making classes as well. It’s definitely an exciting time here around the shop and we can’t wait to share it with you! Subscribe if you haven’t yet and be sure to check back soon!


12 Jan

Coming soon..

With the new year there’s always changes and here at Underhill Forge it’s no different. As always we’re working on new blades but we’re working on a lot more. Over the coming months, J is adding an axe making class to the schedule and we’ve expanded our teaching staff! Pete aka Crazy Ivan will be offering both ornamental basics and tool making classes – we’re also working on new hammers and tongs for a retail line! Very exciting stuff, more pictures and videos are sure to follow! Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

05 Jan

Happy New Years 2016

02 Jan

Happy New Year!

New Years Day I got the chance to hang out with Allen Schaeffer of Furnace Creek Forge and Brett Bennett of Bennett Knives and do a little forging. I hope everyone else has had a good New Years so far and I just want to say that I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff on the list for 2016. I picked up a new 2×72 grinder, there’s a Bull style hammer build in the plans, I’ve got another smith coming into the shop, axe making classes are coming, working on new forging hammers, tong designs, leather work and of course more hand forged knives – and this is just the tip of the iceberg! I feel that this is really going to be a break out year for Underhill Forge, I’m getting some great shows lined up, new product and as always a drive and determination to make the very best! Thanks for joining the journey with me in 2015, it’s full steam ahead for this coming year and beyond! Here’s some shots of our work from the Not-Hungover Hammer-in!

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