08 Sep


I woke up early one day this past weekend and decided to head to the shop. I’ve got a friend whos been looking for a new fillet knife and I suggested he try a yanagi. The yanagi-ba-bocho is a long, thin bladed knife meant for filleting fish and also cutting sashimi. While the blade is not as thin as a Western fillet knife, it still needs to be flexible and more importantly it needs to be smooth. The cutting action of these knives is in drawing the knife towards you, different from Western knives where the action is to press and push. I’m sure I could ramble on and on about different methods of use, why this design differs from some other design, why it’s used, etc but instead I’ll just share the creation in photos. Enjoy!

20150906_055130 20150906_055513 20150906_073957 20150906_084741