18 Apr

An unexpected event..

Day one of the Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Association Show 2015 is wrapping up. Decent day for an indoor show despite it being absolutely beautiful out. Made a few sales, shook a lot of hands, met a lot of great customers and friendly dealers alike. However, I wasnt expecting this.. I was awarded best in show! Speechless, flabbergasted, no small amount of pride and grateful are just some of the emotions I’m experiencing at the moment! Thank you all – I hope to see you back again tomorrow!



08 Apr

Viking Chef’s Knife

Why? Because I can! This is a seax style chef’s knife, guaranteed to be unique in your kitchen! 12″ overall with a blade just shy of 8″.

[product id=”213″]

06 Apr

Two New Cable Knives

Just finished up two new cable knives that etched up beautifully! These are the same knives I make in the wire rope welding video also on this site. Enjoy, but remember, these pieces don’t normally stick around too long!

[products ids=”183,184″]

06 Apr

Gotland Ring Knife

This knife is based on a Viking burial find in Gotland. Of all the historical knives I’ve reproduced, I have to say that this has been my favorite thus far. I’m still looking for historical information on this particular find and if you can be of any help, please drop me a line!

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05 Apr

Jack Daniels Knife

My friends Scott and Kathy Griffith, wonderful woodworkers, turners and artists, from Dragon Eye Creations at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire met up with me a few days ago at a local restaurant and Scott had a beautiful chunk of partially charred oak sitting on the table before him. He must have known it’s the sort of “unusual” that piques my curiosity. To make a long story short, the handle from this knife is made from the lid of a Jack Daniels aging barrel. While oak isn’t an exotic wood that one normally places on a fine blade, this particular piece not only has a story but has a character to make something truly unique in this world. Thanks again Scott for the great find!

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