24 Jan

A few changes around the site and a class update!

Slowly but surely we’re making some changes here on the site. We’ve spun off underhillforge.com into its own hosted domain with a few plans for the future. For now it’s just a simple page with links to classes and this site. Some rebranding and refreshing is also taking place on this site as well along with all the fun maintenance involved with it – there’s a reason I’m a blacksmith and not a website administrator, hell, I can barely check my email!

All the fun web stuff aside, we’ve added new class dates to our calendars, be sure to check out the Classes page for links to our classes with updated dates!

09 Aug

New knives on eBay and at Trop Gun Shop!

We’re happy to announce that our knives can now be found at Trop Gun Shop in Elizabethtown, PA! In addition, we started listing some brand new blades and styles on our eBay store!